Hangtags Anyone who has been to an event knows that parking can be a bit of a headache. Parking hangtags allow visitors to have peace of mind when parking. With our custom designs, we can add a barcode, names, sequential numbers, or different colors to your hangtag order. Organization is key when hosting any type of event, let us take care of this for you. Sizes: Hangtags come in several shapes and sizes. All of which can be customized to your specific design. Colors: We understand that you may want to use several colors and design throughout one order. That is OK! We can fully accommodate your design needs. Static Designs: A static design typically has the same image or logo or essentially the same look printed on every single hangtag. It's one version, printed several times. Barcoding: Barcodes are generated in-house. IRIS takes the starting and ending number sequence (provided by you) and prints the entire job on site. Barcoding adds another level of security and usability to your hangtags.


Our most asked question is what material should we choose? Well, all of them are great depending on what you need your hangtag for. For an event with long days and the possibility of reuse, we would recommend Laminated Teslin. Once this magical material is laminated, its hard (really, really hard) to destroy the credential itself. Laminated teslin is waterproof as well!


Revlar is a fantastic option as well. Revlar is very light, but so long lasting. It's tear proof, waterproof, and can last hours in the direct sunlight without fading in color.

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