Key Fobs Key Fobs are a used for security reasons. Add a barcode to this tiny credential and you can track everyone that enters or exits your building or event. The barcodes used for this product are generated in-house by our graphics department. All we need to complete this order are the starting and ending number sequence. IRIS can also design the Key Fob for you if you do not have a design or graphics department. Our graphics department can design something for you and send you a FREE proof for approval. • Gym Memberships • Secure Work Environments • Festivals • Membership Only Clubs


Our most asked question is what material should we choose? Well, all of them are great depending on what you need your key fob for. We would recommend Laminated Teslin. Once this magical material is laminated, its hard (really, really hard) to destroy the credential itself. Laminated teslin is waterproof as well!


Revlar is a fantastic option as well. Revlar is very light, but so long lasting. It's tear proof, waterproof, and can last hours in the direct sunlight without fading in color.

Ok, I'm interested. I'd like a proof.

Could someone please contact me?