Unique Credentials Our unique credentials are versatile and easy to customize. What makes them unique is the shape, but also what goes into the order. Unique orders consist of different looks all wrapped up into one order. Perhaps it's a large round credentials or maybe you're interested in a few different layouts in one order. We can do that for you. Or maybe you want your credentials and lanyards to match or look similar for an event. We can design everything together for you. QUICK FACTS IRIS designs and manufactures everything to be custom made. You can add hundreds or different names, sequential numbers, colors...etc to each badge all rolled up into one unique order. In the past, our credentials have been used for: • Tradeshows • Concerts • Promotional Materials • Corporate Events • Festivals


Our most asked question is what material should we choose? Well, all of them are great depending on what you need your credential for. For an event with long days and the possibility of reuse, we would recommend Laminated Teslin. Once this magical material is laminated, its hard (really, really hard) to destroy the credential itself. Laminated teslin is waterproof as well!


Revlar is a fantastic option as well. Revlar is very light, but so long lasting. It's tear proof, waterproof, and can last hours in the direct sunlight without fading in color. This material is very thin, so most customers tend to use this material when ordering hangtags. This would be a great option for a day long event as well.


Paper is always a safe choice. If your event or conference in inside, paper credentials or inserts are the way to go. The only downside to paper is it's longtime nemesis, water. Unlike the other two options, this product won't last as long.

Ok, I'm interested. I'd like a proof.