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IRIS hantags come in all shapes and sizes. Hangtags are present at all types of events. Whether you are interested in a more secure parking lot of adding a privacy notice to a conference room, we can design something for you.

Add a barcode, sequential numbers, or a list of names to each hangtag. We create and manufacture everything in-house, so there is no middle man. We work with you to get the best possible product at the very best price.

quick facts

IRIS designs and manufactures everything to be custom made. You can add hundreds of different names, sequential numbers, colors to each credential order. In the past, our credentials have been used for:


  • Tradeshows

  • Concerts

  • Promotional Materials

  • Corporate Events

  • Festivals




Speak with a representative today (610-944-8588) or chat with us online to start the process of ordering your custom designed lanyards OR fill out the information below and we will create a proof today for you!

Teslin vs revlar

Our most asked question is, "What material is right for me?" Well, we have the answer for you. 

Laminated Teslin is magical. Once this material is laminated, it's hard (really hard) to destroy. Laminated teslin is waterproof and comes in all shapes and sizes. This material is by far our most popular and most requested.

REVLAR is a fantastic option. Revlar is lightweight but long-lasting. It's tearproof, waterproof, and can last hours in direct sunlight without fading in color. This material is very thin, so most customers tend to use this material when ordering hangtags or other products for a one-day event.

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