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Credentials are essential for any event. IRIS offers an assortment of shapes and sizes. Customization with designs, names, sequential numbers, variable data, and access control is available. We also have in-house graphic support to help in the design process.

Interested in ordering a credential? Contact your Sales Representative to get started.

ID/Prox Cards

ID Cards are essential for identification and security.


Perfect for events and venues. Full customization available in size, shape, and design.


Come in many styles and shapes and can be programmed with access control.

Badge Backers

Badge Backers hang behind an ID card and can be customized with desired text or image.

Key Fobs

Great for swipe access control, membership programs, and so much more!

Teslin vs Revlar vs Paper

Laminated: credentials are made of Teslin. Once this material is laminated, it's very hard to destroy. Laminated Teslin is waterproof and comes in all shapes and sizes. This material is by far our most popular.

Revlar: is lightweight but long-lasting. It's tearproof, waterproof, and can last hours in direct sunlight without fading in color. This material is very thin, so most customers tend to use this material when ordering hangtags or other products for a one-day event. Revlar credentials have a faster turnaround time. 

Paper: is the economical choice. If your event or conference is inside, paper credentials or inserts are the way to go. 

What Size Should I Choose?

It is up to you. There are no limitations on size, shape, color, and design.

We will work with you to create credentials that best fit your needs.

Hangtag Hover

This hangtag is 4" x 6" and was programmed with access entry.

Badge Backers
Badge Backer Hover

This badge backer is 3.5"x 3.125", designed to sit behind a standard size ID card. 

Credential Hover

This credential is 4" x 5.5" which is a medium-sized credential. This was customized with two-hole punches to accommodate custom open-ended lanyard.

Key Fob Hover

This is a 6cm x 3cm rectangular key fob, which is our most popular size.

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