badge backer


This product sits behind both vertical or horizontal ID badges and is larger in size. The top portion of the Badge Backer that would be covered by an ID badge can either remain blank or could have a special code or company policy printed.

You can choose to have several Badge titles within one order. Different colors with different titles are included in one proof as well if need be.

Product Details

• Teslin & Revlar options

• Full customization

• Customization available


Our most asked question is what material should we choose? Well, both of them are great. Laminated Teslin is our most popular style of Badge Backer. Once this magical material is laminated, its hard (really, really hard) to destroy the Badge Backer itself. Laminated teslin is waterproof as well!


Revlar is a fantastic option as well. Revlar is very light, but so long lasting. It's tear proof and waterproof.


Speak with a representative today (610-944-8588) or chat with us online to start the process of ordering your custom designed lanyards OR fill out the information below and we will create a proof today for you!

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