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Customer Care


We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.  Credit cards may be used by a customer so long as payment is made within terms.  IRIS may verify the credit availability under any credit card provided prior to the shipment of any order.


We accept pre-payment by check but do not ship the order until the check has been deposited and cleared.


We accept pre-payment by electronic fund transfer (ACH or wire transfer).


A credit application must be completed and approved by the IRIS credit department before Net-30 day terms are granted.


Upon credit approval, invoices are due in full on the 30th day following the invoice date unless otherwise stated in the “Terms” section of the invoice.


Any product purchased on credit terms that is not paid within the terms listed in the “Terms” section of the invoice is considered overdue and shall be subject to applicable finance and late charges.


We reserve the right to hold orders or deny shipment of orders if the Customer has outstanding past due balances.


An interest charge of 2% per month (0.066% per day) will be added to all amounts overdue. We may revoke credit terms at any time if credit limits are exceeded, overdue balances exist, or unsatisfactory credit circumstances exist.


Overdue collections past 90 days WILL be reported to Dun & Bradstreet.


We reserve the right to initiate legal action to collect all overdue amounts.  Payment of all collecting costs, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by IRIS to recover overdue amounts shall be paid by the Customer.


Products returned as defective may be subject to exchange shipping costs. Imprinted or custom ordered products cannot be returned.

Payment Methods



American Express

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