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Congrats! You're Vaccinated!

Well done! You've gotten the COVID vaccine. Now, what to do with your card? IRIS has a solution. We understand that this tiny card can feel like a another important document to keep track of. So, you'll need to keep it safe. We have the product you need.

We have the perfect Badge Holder (CVBH) to keep your new vaccination card safe. Once placed into the holder, your card will remind there until you want to take it out. Take it from me... as someone who has been vaccinated for about a month or so now, I've kept my own vaccination card safe with this product. The CVBH Badge Holder is the

perfect size too!

Interested in learning more or ordering our Badge Holder? Contact Meg Diamond ( or call 610.944.8588 today. We've helped a lot of customer with COVID related products over the last few months. Let us help you too!

Explore more of our COVID related products by visiting: or our standard product line by visiting: I .

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