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Red Means Stay Away

COVID has changed how we interact with one another. Some individuals prefer to stay away even when mandates are lifted. Others cannot wait to get back out into the world and resume normal activities. #COVID has changed all of us.

Regardless where your stance is on the matter, IRIS has a solution. We have received interest in a red, yellow, and green system for gatherings. Most of this interested has been for both concerts and conferences.

What we are selling are #wristbands and #swimID's that are color coordinated. We've begun producing cloth #wristbands both plain and customized in these three colors to make other people aware of how one induvial feels about interactions. For example, if you are wearing a #red #wristband, you do not want people shaking your hand or coming too close to you. If you wear a #yellow #wristband, you are comfortable with a safe distance from others. A #green #wristband means you are fine with close contact and handshakes.

It sounds simple, yes, but so many people have different views on returning back to "normal" living. This takes the guessing away and makes it easier to interact. Order your products today by visiting Chat with IRIS online or call 610.944.8588 to speak to a customer service representative.

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