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Small & Medium CREDENTIALS



IRIS credentials come in all shapes and sizes. These credentials look fantastic and also serve as a key security feature in the event and identification industry.

Add a barcode, sequential numbers, or a list of names to each credential, We create and manufacture everything in-house, so there is no middleman. We work with you to get the best possible product at the very best price.

quick facts

IRIS designs and manufactures everything to be custom-made. You can add hundreds of different names, sequential numbers, and colors to each credential order. In the past, our credentials have been used for:

  • Tradeshows

  • Concerts

  • Promotional Materials

  • Corporate Events

  • Festivals



Speak with a representative today (610-944-8588) or chat with us online to start the process of ordering your custom-designed lanyards OR fill out the information below and we will create a proof today for you!

Teslin vs revlar vs paper

Our most asked question is, "What material is right for me?" Well, we have the answer for you. 

Laminated Teslin is our most popular choice. It must be laminated; therefore it's thicker (30 mils) and waterproof. Laminated Teslin comes in all shapes and sizes.

REVLAR is our fastest option. Revlar is lightweight but long-lasting. It's tearproof, waterproof, and can last hours in direct sunlight without fading in color. This material is thinner than laminated Teslin (10 mils). Most customers tend to use Revlar when ordering hangtags or other products for a one-day event.

Paper is our most economical choice. If your event or conference is indoors, paper credentials or inserts are the way to go.

what size should I choose?

We have a variety of credential sizes to choose from. Ranging from extra large to extra small, we can create whatever you are looking for. Below are some of the smaller size & shape options we currently offer. If you need a specific size, let us know!

(The below credentials are not shown true to size.)

This credential measures out to be  4.5" x 2.5". It has been sized down to showcase different layout options.

The true size of this credential measures out to be 4" x 4". We offer different shapes for credentials and keyfobs.

This credential measures out to be  4" x 3" which could be considered medium in size. This credential went along with a custom lanyard that had a swivel hook attachment.

This credential measures out to be  3.125" x 3.375". This credential went along an open ended lanyard with swivel hook attachments.

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